Is Bill Gates Right To Be Giving His Money Away?

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By James Mills, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

You may have read that Jeff Bezos recently overtook Bill Gates as the richest person on the planet! Whilst the growth of Amazon has obviously been a major factor, it is not the only reason. Last week an article by CNBC revealed the simple reason why Bill Gates is no longer top of the rich list.... he decided to give a lot of his money away!

It's estimated by Bloomberg that if he had decided to hold on to his assets, Bill Gates worth $150 billion now; almost 50% more than Mr Bezos' current total wealth!

Mr Gates started his foundation with his wife Melinda and are close to seeing the eradication of polio in the next couple of years thanks to the investment and efforts of their organisation. Along with their friend Warren Buffett, they have also helped 150 millionaires and billionaires to pledge more than half of their fortunes for good causes. The couple has also famously revealed that very little of their wealth will be inherited by their kids. Here's more in this video.

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