Why Your Lifestyle Is Probably Like Warren Buffett’s Already!

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

How many people strive everyday to keep up in the rat-race at the expense of being happy and true to themselves? To work harder and longer for material gains, to feel better about themselves in the face of the constant media bombardment of consumerism and the latest brands and goods out there. I certainly have done.

So it’s very revealing to see how multi-billionaire Warren Buffett, a man that can afford it all doesn’t want most of it!

Mr Buffett’s Appreciation For His Basic Lifestyle

In this video, Warren Buffett is talking to young adults in a Q&A session about finance and job/life satisfaction. One of the members of the audience asks for his thoughts on her future lifestyle given that she won’t be earning much money in her performing arts career.

Mr. Buffett expresses his appreciation for being fortunate to have been born in a first world country like the U.S. He reveals that she won’t have too much of a different lifestyle to him, despite being worth over $50bn….saying that the trappings of wealth would have caused him more problems!

(While I recommend the whole video - forward to 11:00 min to hear her question and his answer - which lasts for 8 minutes).

Legends Enjoy What They Do and Help Others Through it

Legends continually reinforce and appreciate the importance and opportunity of enjoying what they do and making a difference to others through that. They don’t sacrifice what they stand for, for money.

Mr Buffett continually reinforces why he appreciates the most basic opportunities that he has been given, something that most people take for granted. How many of us wake up and feel fortunate to have a job or the freedom to live and work in a democratic society in the first place?!

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