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Why The Deaths of So Many Legends This Year Can Be a Great Thing...

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

This year saw the passing away of many legends from the world of acting, politics, music and much more. Real legends of our time are no longer with us. This can either be incredibly tragic, or a blessing for us all, if we see it.

Alan Rickman. Prince. George Michael. Nancy Reagan. Muhammed Ali. Zsa Zsa Gabor. David Bowie. This year, we saw the passing of people who've made a timeless impact on the world. Some of these men and women died relatively young, and just in the past few days we've sadly not only seen Carrie Fisher, but her mother Debbie Reynolds pass away too.

With everything else going on in the world, it would be easy to say this has been a cruel year. A hard year. A hurtful year. But to close the door on 2016 and wishing it away is like throwing away gold because on the surface it's got some mud on it. This year has the potential to radically change our lives for the better. This year could be the year we look back on and say, this was the year things really changed for the better.

We Are Valuing People More...

The reality is that more often than not, it sadly takes something or someone to leave us for us to really appreciate what we had. If all of these legends were still alive, there's a very good chance that we would not be appreciating and honouring them anywhere near as much as we are now. We wouldn't be so aware of our own mortality as much; the fact that yes, we are all going to pass away one day and need to make the most of our lives. We would more likely be stuck in our busy lives moving from one thing to the next with no time to stop and be still.

For example, how many people, right now, are listening to George Michael's music, who otherwise would not be appreciating this great musician? How many people are speaking more openly about mental health because of Carrie Fisher's legacy? How many people learned more about Prince's charitable donations and saw a completely different side to the musician? Very simply, how much more are we appreciating and cherishing others now?

2016 Is Trying To Wake Us Up!

What if there was a different meaning behind all of these deaths? What if we appreciated others much more while they were still alive, instead of waiting until it was too late?? What if this is a call to action, a call from life to say,

"Hey, stop being so damn busy! Wake up! You're missing out on the very people you care about and what life is all about - enjoying each other's company!"

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could live your life and have more moments of appreciating someone... just because you want to!? Wouldn't it be great to stick on an old song that reminded you of your childhood, or that special moment with your first boyfriend or girlfriend, that gave you a special, unique connection with that song that was playing at the time? Wouldn't it be amazing if we valued each other more instead of taking each other for granted and fighting more often than we would like!

This is why I believe 2016 has the potential to be one of the best years of recent times, because it is giving us a wake-up call to really live our lives, to have better relationships, to build more bridges instead of starting more fights.

Want more proof of how good life can be when we stop and put first things first and cherish the people in our lives? Watch this awesome video by SoulPancake...

Who are you going to appreciate today? Pick one person... just one.

No, that thing you needed to do isn't more important than this.

Don't worry about that email. Leave that news headline alone.

This is way more important... Give yourself and someone you care about an amazing gift.

It could be an old teacher, a neighbour, an old friend, your boss... Just go for it, right now! You'll be glad you did...

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