Why Ted Turner's Father Paid Him 10 Cents An Hour To Teach Him The Importance Of Honour, Integrity And Discipline!!!

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turner pioneered the 24-hour news industry when he set up the television channel CNN. He became a billionaire in the process and now is a major advocate of protecting the environment through his philanthropic initiatives.

In this video, he discusses why his father taught him the importance of integrity and discipline and how he helped him grow and develop as a person. This included putting him through hardship - such as paying him 10 cents an hour (when the minimum wage was 85 cents) and he charged him rent!! Ted Turner demonstrates, that by learning to deal emotionally with challenges such as these as a youngster, he was then able to do this as an adult. He also explains how his integrity became a source of personal honour as a result.

Enjoy the video!

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