Why Sir Ian McKellen & Sir Patrick Stewart Are Such Good Friends...

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

What if there was someone in your industry who was as good as you - maybe a little better - had the same qualifications, the same aspirations and you both had similar opportunities come up?

How would you feel about them?

Would you see them as competition to be squashed out? Would you see them as limiting your success and feel less-than because you were intimidated by them?

Or would you respect and admire them? Wish them the best while you work on your own success, in the hope that maybe you could learn from one another?

While many of us might hope to choose the latter, isn't it often the case that competition and fear breeds throughout the workplace? This is where we can learn from legendary actors Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen. As they have risen through the ranks in the acting world, not only have both become legends in their own right on the big screen and on stage, but they have become very close friends over the years.

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