Why Peter Diamandis Tells His Kids To Ask Questions

Picture Credit: XPRIZE @ flickr XPRIZE Chairman & CEO Dr. Peter Diamandis

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Peter Diamandis is the founder of the XPRIZE Competiton. The organisation that helped launch the private space tourism industry and led to the development of the vehicle that Virgin Galactic use in their business. He believes there is one critical lesson to teach kids...

There is often nothing better you can do for someone than to understand their situation. Sometimes you don't even have to know all the answers, but asking the right question helps them to figure a problem out. In a fast moving world where information is becoming ever more available and malleable, Mr Diamandis shares with us his thoughts on what skills his children will need to live in this new world;

"I live two blocks from my children's school, and when I am in town, one of my most precious moments is walking them to school in the morning.

During the walk, I ask them what questions they have of me. The topics range from plants to black holes.

I relish and admire their questions.

When I drop them off, the last thing I say to them is, “Ask good questions today.”

Why? We are heading toward a world of a trillion sensors and ubiquitous AI -- a world where, a decade from now, we will all have some variant of JARVIS from Iron Man.

In that world, you’ll be able to know anything you want, anytime you want. So the quality of the questions you learn to ask will be more important than memorized knowledge.

In my humble opinion, helping your kids to think critically and to ask great questions is the most important lesson you can teach them."

He is not alone in his opinion that asking the right questions is imperative;

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