Why Is Greta Thunberg Speaking Against Governments On Climate Change? 

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By Anthony Church, Legends Report Writer

Greta Thunberg, 16-year-old climate activist, has been an out-spoken advocate to prevent the devastating result of climate change if we continue as we are now but is she right?

In her latest passionate criticism of governments and world leaders in this video, she candidly shames them by saying they are not doing enough and many scientists agree with her. Much of the press has focused on US President Donald Trump’s position against climate change and his lack of willingness to meet the young woman at the recent UN Climate Change summit attended by world leaders but not Mr Trump, who was attending a meeting about religious freedom.

If we look at what she is passionate about, she is saying the limited action by governments will soon mean climate change is irreversible and will lead to disaster in 2050. As in my previous article about the documentary 10 Billion, it was explained that the population of humans reaching 10 billion and deforestation are major contributors to climate change. This would entail widespread deaths from further shortages of food and clean drinking water on a global scale (including developed countries). Meanwhile, most international action has been focused solely on carbon emissions.

While progress is being made, the blame cannot be laid squarely at governments and world leaders, as Stephen Emmot says in 10 Billion "The problem is US." Until every single one of us takes decisions to change our attitudes and behaviours, dramatic change won't happen. Are we waiting for governments to act or are we acting ourselves?

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