Why Do We Resent Other People's Success?

A Dose of Wisdom To Get Your Day Going..

By James Mills, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Have you ever found yourself looking at someone else's social media feed and feeling a degree of envy or jealousy? It could be photos of a glamorous holiday destination, news of a promotion, lots of smiling faces or the biggest possible latte! Regardless of what it is that stirs something up inside, it is common that our reaction to other people's success - is not always positive.

If you find you struggle with other people's perceived success, here's a short 1-minute video to give you some useful insights as to why and how to deal with them...

The author in this video; Amy Morin, has been on quite a journey in order to share these insights; you can learn more in this article - What Is The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong? 


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