Why Are People Scared of Jamie Oliver?

By James Mills, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

When it comes to shaping our attitudes about food, Jamie Oliver is arguably one of the most influential individuals in the UK and possibly abroad. He's made cookery shows that appealed to young males, inspired youth at risk to become chefs, and challenged the way children are fed in schools both in the UK and overseas. Now he is lobbying the UK government about a tax on sugar - so why are some people intimidated by a TV chef from Essex?

Quite simply, Jamie’s approach is straight-talking and based on helping people see the reality of the food we eat. It feels uncomfortable, because often he talks about things we would rather not know. Seeing what’s really happening with something we do every day can be scary and unsettling.

Although he has strong views, he knows that showing people how things are, rather than preaching, has a far greater impact. As an example here’s a video showing kids in the United States what really goes into their beloved chicken nuggets…

Eye-opening stuff, right?

We stop and listen when we see things the way they actually are. Without our views being challenged, we would carry on believing something that may be totally untrue, or we may even see them the way we would like them to be - often without any evidence or experience! When you think about it, this can apply to every area of our life. A legend will often be the person who has the courage to question situations more than most...

What are the things in society you see that you feel are unfair and would like to do something about? Share below...

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