What's It Like To Prevent a Suicide?

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

He clung to her for more than a minute, saying: "You saved my life. You saved my life."

In 2017, there were over 5,000 people in the UK who ended their own lives. These people were once children with so much potential in front of them.

In one moment, a small action can have a massive effect - for better or for worse.

In May 2018, Gillian Assor was out walking her dog when she heard cries of a young man. Fortunately, she listened to her conscience enough to intervene. It is something that literally saved a life.

The next time you think your conscience is telling you something, and you bat it away to not bother you - try hard to listen and trust it...

Here is the full story of what happened when Ms Assor chose to do so...

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Click here to learn more about the man who prevented over 100 suicides.

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