What Would Happen If Everyone On Earth Suddenly Disappeared?

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

After the recent Paris Conference on climate change, the agreement among all participating nations was to limit global warming to 2°C.

This is an important step in reducing the effects of the 7 billion active people living on the earth. But in this article from The Daily Good they consider the question: what would happen if the human population dropped to zero?

It's worth considering that the agreement in Paris is not there for the good of the earth, but it is there for the good of the people living on it.

In the history of the earth there was a time called the Hadean Eon during which the earth's surface was hot enough to melt solid rock (600 °C to 1300 °C). Just over 3.5 billion years ago or therabouts 🙂 it had cooled enough for water to remain on the surface and allow life to begin. The point is that plants and animals, have more freedom of movement and can migrate easier than any human being. They can adapt, change and evolve to whatever conditions are present on the earth. As The Daily Good article explains;

"The earth can survive well without us, but we can not survive without the earth." 

It is interesting to ask ourselves while we watch this video from the article, 'where do I feel my responsibility is to help the planet?' Asking yourself this question is important since as the most influential and conscious species on the planet, 'we' (that actually means you and I) have the greatest responsibility for keeping our home in order. True legends know that this is their first and foremost responsibility...

How did you feel after watching the video? Share in the comments below...

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