What Was Elon Musk Thinking This Week?

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By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

A quick rundown of this week's tweets from Elon Musk and what we can learn from them!

Keeping ahead of the exponentially developing AI technology needs more than knowledge, it needs wisdom...

Humility is the greatest trait of any leader. Being able to celebrate those you work with and give them due respect builds the relationships so vital for a successful company.

Last week, Mr Musk asked Mr Neil to tweet him directly if he thought there were any improvements that could be made to the new Tesla Model 3. Respecting and inviting the opinions of other people - especially critics - not only helps you learn where improvements can be made, it also builds trust in the company.

An important leadership role is always inspiring the next generation to pick where you left off and help them do better than you did.

If you want to understand more about the principles that Mr Musk follows to achieve the aims of his companies, get in touch with one of our mentors on live chat!

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