What Makes Us Human?

By Adam Wallis, Senior Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

"An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity."

- Martin Luther King Jr.

On Saturday 12th September at the UN Headquarters in New York, a film premiere about the struggles and daily lives of humanity was screened.

It is titled 'Human' and is made up of interviews with more than 2000 people from 60 countries. It portrays deeply moving, personal accounts of people from all walks of life and how they live their lives. There are stories of happiness, corruption, rape, education, immigration, poverty, family, war and the meaning of life and love!!!

When you look throughout history the legends who stand out amongst all others are the ones who got in touch with their humanness and chose to serve our human family and look after our earthly home. Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa to name but a few.

The movie has certainly inspired a profound eagerness in me to play a significant role in positively influencing the course of humanity!!! Here is the trailer…

Check out the full length version here - there are 3 parts each 1hr 30mins long - Well worth making the time for!

Mandela stood for equality and freedom, Martin Luther King Jr. the same, Mother Teresa for alleviating the suffering of the poor. Has this video rekindled in you a sense that the world needs to change? What change would you stand for?​

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