What Is The Secret of Becoming Mentally Strong?

By James Mills, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

We can improve our mental health by letting go of unhealthy mental habits and adopting healthy ones to replace them.

True legends are those who have the courage and strength of character to face any form of adversity. Amy Morin is a psychotherapist and author who has studied what it takes to be mentally strong. Her findings have not just come from academic research and working with patients, but also from her own personal life experience. In the space of only a few years she lost her mother, husband and father of her new husband.

In her incredibly humbling 15 minute TEDx talk she shares her personal journey about what she learnt, and how - by increasing our mental strength, we can face any challenge that life throws our way.

Powerful stuff, right? This quote from Amy Morin expresses the heart of the lesson that her experience has taught her...

"My journey taught me that the secret to being mentally strong was that you had to give up your bad mental habits. Mental strength is a lot like physical strength. If you wanted to be physically strong, you’d need to go to the gym and lift weights. But if you really wanted to see results, you’d also have to give up eating junk food. Mental strength is the same. If you want to be mentally strong, you need good habits like practicing gratitude. But you also have to give up bad habits, like resenting somebody else’s success. No matter how often that happens, it will hold you back."

Amy Morin hits home the need to see health in a holistic way and not just look after ourselves physically. Essentially if we do not pay attention to our mental, emotional and spiritual health, then we will always struggle when face to face with challenging life situations - at home and/or at work.

If you want to learn how legends cope with the demands of success in a holistic way, then here's a must-read article!

How To Apply This!

Amy Morin recommends we examine our mental habits through looking at the beliefs we have about ourselves and others.

Here's an exercise to help you to do a health-check on your mental habits. You can use some of the examples she shares in her talk to get you started...

What unhealthy beliefs do you have about...

  • Yourself?
  • Others?

What healthy beliefs would you like to replace these unhealthy beliefs with in relation to...

  • Yourself?
  • Others?

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