What Does Loving Ourselves Truly Mean?

The influence of the subconscious mind…

By Anthony Church, Legends Report Writer

How often do we judge ourselves and our self-worth based on the opinions of what others think of us? How often do we worry about who we are and whether we are doing the right things, in the right way and at the right time?

In this video, Dr Bruce Lipton explains that these overwhelming criticisms of ourselves naturally lead to our own frustrations when we fail to meet the criteria that WE THINK is set by others. We are, essentially, programmed not to love ourselves from a young age. Ultimately this leads to a lack of self-love in our subconscious mind as we lose the purpose of life beyond our own existence...

In order to learn to love and value ourselves, Dr Lipton encourages us to reprogram our subconscious minds. To tap into any form of spirituality to feel our connection with each other and a higher power, whether this is religious or not. He says we can then create a state of peace and self-love that helps us then focus on the broader needs of others and an appreciation for the world around us. He defines spirituality as being like a mirror reflecting who we are ie. our views and paradigms.

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Check out this video, also from Dr Bruce Lipton, on changing our thoughts...


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