What Does It Mean To Have a Rich Mindset?

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By Anthony Church, Legends Report Writer

How many of us think that the only control we have of our money in life is to gain employment and earn more through a promotion? Many people often see the rich as lucky by birth through a family business and inheritance or lucky to win the lottery. Many people stay within their comfort zones and believe ourselves to not be worth more.

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’, explains below, how, many of us lack the willingness to learn about ways in which to build wealth successfully. Often this happens due to our early life and conditioning. It’s easy to think he is rich because he gained wealth through controversial methods or took reckless risks. However, while that may be true for some, the principles of building wealth are the same regardless of who you are or your motivations. If we improve ourselves to offer high-value skills and knowledge to better ourselves and the world – our ability to produce more increases naturally.

Therefore, it all starts with changing our attitude and level of thinking from our established conditioning of working for money rather than learning how to build value consistently. Discover more in the video below…

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