What Do Successful People Do On a Sunday?

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

If you are honest with yourself, how do you feel about Monday mornings? 🙂 Are you raring to get out of bed and face the week or do you want to switch the alarm off and get under the duvet for more rest?!

Whether you are the former or the latter, there are principles and habits you can apply that will help you improve your productivity for the upcoming week. Here are a few of them:

Focus On Being Positive

The principle of Personal Vision helps us see that our perceptions of an event determine how we subsequently feel about it. Hence our views of our world determine how we feel about our experiences. If we see the glass as half-full then challenges can bring excitement. If we see it as half-empty then challenges can become problems which weigh us down. Hence, to have a good Monday, we need to ensure our Personal Vision is right. As a recent Forbes article suggests:

"If the problem is that, in general, you’re not loving your work these days, spend some time on Sunday thinking about what could help you enjoy your work more. Try recalling those days when you looked forward to your job and all the hard work it took to move up in your career. For many people, those early days were a high time in their career.

Richard Citrin, Ph.D., MBA, an organizational and consulting psychologist recommends that you, “Ask yourself, what’s changed since you had that feeling? What can you do differently now to help you recapture it? Your Monday hate might cue you to stretch your boundaries and take on different assignments—or it may mean it’s time to put out feelers for something new...Until then, focus on the good things"

Find Meaning

Each day should have meaning if you are to optimise your life! One thing you can do is ensure Sunday definitely has a meaningful activity to set yourself up for a good Monday. Whether that's doing some exercise, working on a hobby, meeting friends or learning a new skill, do something that is purposeful to you to add some fulfillment to your day. Christine M. Allen, Ph.D., a psychologist, executive and coach says:

"We all have things we have to get done over the weekend, but there’s something to be said for making time for activities that are consistent with your values and connect you to the people you love, says Allen. Scheduling a yoga session with friends or volunteering in your community, for example, lends meaning to the day and resets your mental and spiritual batteries, so you’ll go into Monday feeling accomplished and inspired."


Planning on a Sunday might not exactly sound like the most fun of activities, however, it's something that you can do in between other activities. By planning on a Sunday you can prevent feeling rushed or uncertain about "what to do next" on a Monday morning. Planning helps us to apply the habit of 'Putting First Things First' and deciding on what is most important to us in our lives. Christine Allen says:

"Taking no more than an hour out from your Sunday to anticipate the week ahead and get organized will help you free up head space and reduce worry."

Eat Healthily  

Sunday is a great day to practice the principles of Balanced Self-Renewal and the habit of Shapen-the-Saw. As this suggests, we actively take the time to renew and re-energise ourselves as well as constantly finding ways to improve our ability to produce. Improving our diet is a way to accomplish this. After a long week at work, the weekend can become a time where we want to indulge ourselves. One way that this can happen is by overeating or not eating food that helps us optimise our energy levels. Dietician Debra Nessel suggests:

"Do your feasting on Friday and Saturday, as an indulgent Sunday brunch or dinner can make Monday stress worse. Consuming rich, heavy food and alcohol on Sunday will sink you into a food coma that can leave you lethargic on Monday morning."   

Legends know that they need to be switched on, particularly at times when it's easier to be switched off. Hence they use Sundays productively to help them get the most out of their time for the next week. This doesn't mean they aren't enjoying themselves, quite the contrary. They just are able to lead themselves better than most people can and hence there is a lot we can learn practically from them. 

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