What a Syrian Refugee Can Teach You About Life...

By Adam Wallis, Senior Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

You've undoubtedly heard so much on the news about Syrian refugees and their plight fleeing the atrocities of their home country. Many have sadly died on their journey - willing to face absolute uncertainty, homelessness, fear and death in order to escape the suffering in their country.

Many countries in Europe have embraced them, in particular Germany. So it is deeply, deeply humbling when you hear about how one Syrian refugee, who has barely anything himself is giving back to German citizens in need.

Check out this Huffington post article on how refugee Alex Assali is feeding the homeless in Germany in return for the country welcoming him and giving him a safe place to build his life...It is deeply touching.

What's so moving is his compulsion to serve...his compulsion to give when he 'seemingly has nothing' - no proper home, no job, none of the comforts we are fortunate to have. When you appreciate what you do have it fills you with such a sense of fulfilment that you recognise you have so much more to give - this is the principle of appreciation!!!

THATS ALEX! A big shoutout to him this morning, Dieser Mann beeindruckt mich zu tiefst! Seine Geschichte ist nicht...

Posted by Tabea Bü on Saturday, 21 November 2015


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    [whatsapp url="https://www.legends.report/what-a-syrian-refugee-can-teach-us-life-appreciation" title="Thought you'd like this Legends Report article, it's about how Alex Assali is now feeding homeless within the very country that welcomed him...]