Is The Water Crisis Just a Third World Problem? Think Again   

This might make you reconsider your beliefs about the challenges our world is facing...

By Sukh Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

If I said to you that there is a country that has parts of it suffering from massive drought, and has been doing so for years, what country comes to mind? How about if that country has some parts with incredible amounts of water poisoning? How about divides between the poor and rich, where literally on one side of the road is a golf course with sprinklers, and the other side of the road has houses that need charity support to get clean water?

Does the United States of America come to mind?

Because that's where it is.

Last year, a video journalist named Tim Pool did some discovery in California, with shocking results.

It's easy to think that some of the major problems we face as a world are just 'out there', but the reality is that things are a lot closer to home than we would like to think. Click here to watch an amazing video to see just how important fresh water is.

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