Was This The Greatest Military Last Stand In History?

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By Jairaj Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

On 15th August every year, India celebrates its independence from British rule. While partition in 1947 was an extremely difficult period, the bond between the two countries still continues to this day. This is also shown in possibly one of the greatest military last-stands in history when, in 1857, 21 Sikh soldiers fought against 10,000 Afghan tribesmen to protect British outposts and the empire's rule over India. It was a little-known battle in the town of Saragarhi near the Afghan / Pakistan border, but it quite possibly saved the entire country from being overrun by Afghan's which would have been a serious threat to British rule.

It's an incredible tale of courage, bravery and honour in the face of certain death. Here's what happened...

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Here's our report to honour the 100 year battle of the Somme in World War I...


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