Warren Buffett On His Mentor - “He Changed My Life”


By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Following on from the last article How Warren Buffett’s Best Friend Helps Him Succeed - one of the biggest determining influences on Buffett’s success was his mentor Benjamin Graham. However as this article shows, it wasn’t just what Graham taught him about investing that left a mark on Warren, but who he was as a person.

Buffett Seeks Out Graham

Buffett initially came across Graham - a business school lecturer at Columbia Business School in New York and owner of an investment company, after reading his book which taught that investing was not luck but based on solid investment fundamentals.

Buffett realised he was reading a revolutionary approach to investing and made it his mission to be taught by Graham! However, after graduating, Graham didn’t believe New York was the best place for Buffett to work and he refused to employ him in his firm, despite having a close relationship!