Want a Promotion? Here's Jack Welch's Essential Advice!

By James Mills, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Jack Welch is the legendary CEO who worked his way up from joining General Electric as a Junior Chemical Engineer to becoming the company's CEO. During his tenure he increased the company's value by 4,000% to over $400 billion! Recently Jack Welch's advice for those seeking promotion opportunities was shared in a LinkedIn post. He highlighted the most important quality he wished he knew about when it came to identifying and promoting leaders.

If you're serious about moving up the career ladder in an authentic way that is in line with your values, then this is definitely worth a read!

The Generosity Gene 

"I wish I had then had a better definition of what I now call the 'generosity gene'. For a long time, I never quite identified that ingredient.

If a leader didn't desperately want to give raises, to promote people, if he or she didn't get as much satisfaction from other people's success as he did from his own ... I didn't see that as well as I should have.

I have never seen a great leader that didn't have the generosity gene. Take care of your people, let them know where they stand, cheer them, never take credit for what they do, and they'll go to the moon for you.

I wish I'd identified the generosity gene as a clear requirement for the people I chose to take on leadership positions. I never would have made as many mistakes picking people as I did.

Once you're in charge of people, it's no longer about you -- it's about your team. Any leader who still thinks it's about him is destined to fail."

When we are looking to progress in our career, it can be very easy to focus purely on our own success and actually see our colleagues as competitors instead of collaborators. Jack Welch's advice is very much in contrast to this way of thinking and is in line with the principles of synergy; where 1 + 1 = 3 or more!

Here's the LinkedIn post with Jack Welch's advice around promotion as well as the importance of people and teams.

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