Dr Rick Rigsby - The Wisdom of a 9 Year Old School Dropout Will Inspire You!

By Asif Valiji, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

In one of the most powerful and inspiring videos you will see - motivational speaker Dr Rick Rigsby talks in a heartfelt way about his appreciation for his life mentor & the wisest man he ever met; his father.

His father dropped out of high school when he was in the 3rd grade (9 years old) and yet inspired him to live and be the best he can be; showing us all that a conventional education is not the only route to success. It also shows us our power to inspire others regardless of the life situation we may currently find ourselves in or how we can change our own lives through hard work and the application of wisdom!

Click here to read how NFL legend Jerry Rice became one of its greatest players despite lacking "talent" through working hard and being wise with how he treated his mind and body...

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