Ray Dalio On The Power Of Learning From Pain And Mistakes! 

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

How many of us try and avoid making mistakes in our lives like the plague?! I'm sure the reason for this is the emotional pain we can sometimes feel when we have made mistakes. This could be anything from our fears of others judging us for making the mistake in the first place to the emotional guilt we feel of not being competent.

In this video, however, billionaire Ray Dalio, founder of the largest hedge founder in the world says that mistakes and the pain that results from them are the best teachers we can have! This is because we learn from them and the lessons stick with us because we remember them!

Mr Dalio's example shows us how we will often find that the most successful people in the world embrace their mistakes rather than trying to wish them away. Hence they learn more and often succeed more in life because they have made more mistakes which they have learnt from 🙂

Click here to watch why Ray Dalio has meetings filmed at his firm...

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