2 Minute Breakdown - Paradise Papers Expose World Elite's Tax Havens

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

It's been estimated that around 10 trillion dollars is hidden in offshore tax havens around the world. That number is an eye-watering amount and it's now coming to the surface how the mega rich have hoarded their wealth, often at the cost of others. Al Jazeera summed up the picture in the 2 minute video below.

At the end of the day, as this article shows, our global economy is broken and while generating wealth isn't bad in itself, hoarding it and not using it to benefit others as well as ourselves will ultimately lead to major consequences...

Donald Trump's commerce secretary, Britain's Queen Elizabeth and a top aide to the Canadian Prime Minister are among thousands named in the Paradise Papers. They have sheltered their wealth in secret tax havens exposed in a new leak of off-shore financial accounts. The details come from the Paradise Papers, a leak of more than 13 million files obtained by the same German newspaper that revealed the Panama papers leak last year.

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