Neil deGrasse Tyson - We Stopped Dreaming

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By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

This is one of my favourite motivational videos from Astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson called ‘We Stopped Dreaming’. There is so much richness in what he explains about our potential as human beings to build a better world. The whole drive that we have to create a better future is summed up for me in this video. The impact on people’s lives that he describes is very much in line with my ambitions in life and those of many people involved in the Legends Network.

10 Key Points From the Video...

1. Your fears can be used as motivation. A call to action to look at a problem and then do something positive about it.

2. Have a clear focus that galvanises your resolve to achieve a goal that means a lot to you.

3. Adopt the right mindset to look towards your goal and work out how it will be achieved, regardless of the obstacles that first appear to be in the way.

4. Value your own abilities, skills and vision as well as those of other people in order to create the future that you see for yourself and others. Build your own network of people to achieve your goal.

5. Do not let your own fears or limiting beliefs hold you back in achieving what you set out to do.

6. Know where to invest your time, money and effort so that you're working in the right areas and starting in the right place to achieve your goals.

7. Keep the dream alive. Keep it clear in your mind’s eye and learn to communicate it so well that others can see and believe in what you believe.

8. An action that might appear to be ‘good’ now, could actually be getting in the way of the ‘best’ later on. Delay the gratification of short-term benefits for long-term success.

9. Be Bold! Give yourself and others a vision that is challenging and is ambitious because if you shoot for the stars, you will at least hit the moon!

10. Give back to others and inspire people to push themselves in order to do greater good in the world.

Practical Tip:

When was the last time you sat down and wrote out your dream for your life?

I recommend you take 10 minutes today to write out, draw or sketch a vision for the future you want to live, so that you can start working towards that goal today!

[whatsapp url="https://www.legends.report/watch-neil-degrasse-tyson-we-stopped-dreaming-episode-1" title="Thought you'd like this article from the Legends Report, it's a really inspiring speech from Neil deGrasse Tyson on why we've stopped dreaming." ]

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