Neil deGrasse Tyson - We Stopped Dreaming Episode 2

The earth - Legends Report

by Tom Hasker,  Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

You may have seen in episode 1 of my short series on why we 'stop dreaming' how having a vision to rally around can galvanise a nation.

Well, just like on a grand scale, when you have an important goal in your life, a focus, something just on the nearside of ‘wildly ambitious’ then there is a driver in your life around which everything else can be marshalled. If you decided to become a world-class marathon runner and win the next Olympic gold medal for marathon running, then taking a course in flower arranging would not be on your list of priorities! However, learning more about nutrition to fuel your body in the right way would definitely be advantageous.

Earth Rise image courtesy of Donkey Hotey @ Flickr