How Angelina Jolie Is Discovering Her Passion

angelina jolie

by Sukh Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Passion isn’t something that just arrives in our laps like a magic lamp. For a lot of us, we have to work hard to figure out what we are really passionate about. Sometimes it isn't just one thing.

This short video is a great example of just that from actress and philanthropist, Angelina Jolie. She shares how her desire to spread important messages led to her becoming something she never thought she would be; a film director.

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As a result of her persistence, Jolie ended up directing the film 'Unbroken', a story about American WWII legend Louis Zamperini, held captive in Japan. Here are three key lessons from Jolie’s experience in her own words…

Your Path Isn’t Always Obvious

“I got into this accidentally… I was always one of those actresses that when [people] said ‘do you want to direct?’ I would always say ‘no absolutely not.’”

You Need to Question and Explore Things to Find Your Passion

“I didn’t know what [Unbroken] was about when I first got involved...I wasn’t that interested - and then I realised what it was about...I wanted to take that journey and I’m happy I did.”

Working Out Your Passion Opens Up Your World

Jolie has worked hard as an actress for many years. Over time she's discovered a genuine sense of care for addressing humanitarian issues in the world. The combination of that self-discipline as an actress and an inner-drive has allowed her to open up her world beyond just being a film director.

As in the amazing video below, you can see that she hasn't found her definite passion - she's still searching! It's the process of searching that opens up her world. Check out the wonderful relationship she developed with Louis Zamperini and how hard she had to work to get the film actually made...

Angelina Jolie was inspired by Louis Zamperini’s story in 'Unbroken' so much that she wanted to make a film of it.

Is there a particular film that inspires you and if so why? Share in the comments below...

Angelina Jolie image courtesy of Gage Skidmore @ Flickr