VIDEO - Everybody Wants the Good Life, But Not Everybody Is Willing to...

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Below is a very powerful 15 minute video on why mentoring is so important, but also what it takes to follow through and achieve success. Its message contains, in essence, everything about why we created Learning From Legends in the first place.

The speaker, entrepreneur and angel investor Tai Lopez starts off with a few questions such as:

  • What if Bill Gates was your business partner?
  • What if Warren Buffett was your investment advisor?
  • What if the Dalai Lama helped you with personal fulfillment?
  • What if Arnold Schwarzenegger was your personal trainer?

Powerful questions hey?

The brilliant thing is that they could be! As Tai says, most legends have written books on how they achieved what they did. The knowledge and information is out there. In fact we bring it to you daily!

The big lesson Tai is trying to get across is if people don't have the right attitudes and aren’t willing to put in the effort and make the sacrifices needed to achieve success, no amount of information will be helpful. As he rightfully says, mentoring is a legitimate shortcut but you still have to make the first step and put in the effort to find the right mentors. All of the legends he discusses, such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett had mentors, but they didn’t find them on a plate, they worked hard to find them. As Tai says, everyone wants the good life. Yet most people don’t get it because they don’t step out of their comfort zones. They get lost in day-to-day tasks rather than leading themselves more effectively.

Enjoy the video...

What legend would you want as a mentor and what would you ask them?

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