Brené Brown - Finding Strength in Vulnerability

Legends Report - The Strength of Vulnerability

by Kris Deichler, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Brené Brown is a research professor who shot to worldwide fame after she gave a TED talk on vulnerability in December 2010 and now appears regularly on Oprah. The video has had nearly 21 million views and 5 years on, remains one of TED’s most shared videos.

It’s clear that vulnerability is a subject many people connect with. We all have times when we feel vulnerable in life, but what does it mean to be vulnerable, how do we deal with it and should we see it as a strength or a weakness?

Brené Brown's research has shown her that the ability to be more vulnerable is a great strength that allows us to live with authenticity and fulfilment. In a world that constantly seems to expect us to be perfect and bulletproof, this now legendary talk is showing us that real greatness in life comes from being anything but…

Here's her 20 minute TED Talk...

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Learning From Legends...

    When do you find it most challenging to be open and vulnerable about how you are really feeling but would really like to open up more?

    Perhaps it's with your family or siblings, at work, or with your partner?

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