U2's - "The Edge" - The Philanthropist Behind The Guitar

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International 

Though Bono, lead singer of U2, gets most of the attention for his charitable and philanthropic work, fellow band member David Evans known as “The Edge” is also very involved with making a difference... 

Mr Evans, regarded as one of the world's top guitarists, is involved for personal reasons with a number of foundations working on preventing cancer. His own daughter overcame leukaemia and his father recently died from the disease so it is close to his heart.

He recently performed at an intimate concert in the Sistine Chapel, for doctors, researchers and philanthropists, thus aiding these foundations.

As a recent article on Business Insider shows, Mr Evans didn't just perform as a musician, he was very well informed about the technical side of the work the foundations were researching. They note that he said to the attendees;

"I can tell this is a really cool audience because normally when I say angiogenesis, eyes glaze over."

The article explains..."Angiogenesis is the process through which new blood vessels, (which tumors need to grow,) are formed. Scientists are seeking ways to block tumor angiogenesis."

For many of us, it’s great to see another legend like "The Edge" being involved so passionately and thoroughly in a cause. While many celebrities lend their name to help causes, and indeed this is to be commended, true legends know that more commitment is needed. They are fully aware that if they invest time and energy in a cause that they are passionate about, they will truly be a positive change-agent, and thus bring about the desired outcome. The world certainly needs more people to collaborate and share resources, working interdependently, and effectively...stronger together. 

 Read more about this event in the Business Insider article...

Is there anyone you admire for their philanthropic work that many may not know about? Share in the comments below...


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