U.S. Announces Plans To Re-visit The Moon | Making Fuels From Seawater | And Finally... James Bond Villain Revealed

This week we look at how the U.S. will get back to the moon, how we could end up using the oceans as a fuel source and we discover a potential Bond villain...

U.S. Announces Plans To Re-visit The Moon

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence has announced that the United States will revisit the moon, and establish a base there as a stepping stone to going to Mars.

In a press conference this week Vice President Pence said:

“On Thursday the council [National Space Council] will hold its first meeting in nearly 25 years, and as its chairman, I will deliver a simple message: America will lead in space again,”

It's still not clear yet exactly how everything will be organised and structured, especially as NASA was absent from the conference, but one of the first tasks for the revamped National Space Council that was disbanded 25 years ago will be to form a Users Advisory Group to help with the new mission. Vice President Pence went on to say:

“Business is leading the way on space technology, and we intend to draw from the bottomless well of innovation to solve the challenges ahead.”

Who will be in this group is not yet known but the website Futurism suggests a couple of well-known names in the private space industry:

"The VP didn’t detail who would be in this group, though SpaceX CEO Elon Musk and Blue Origin founder Jeff Bezos are a couple of people that come to mind; Musk just recently detailed new plans to send people to Mars in 2024, while Blue Origin intends to send people into suborbital space starting next year."

Whenever we take on a new project, either going to the moon, buying a house or inventing something completely new, the first thing that anyone does to ensure a level of success, is to ask questions of those who have done it already. What we are seeing here is the U.S. government asking for help from private industry, that has been working on ways to make the goal of opening up space a reality.

For more on this story head over to the Futurism website.

Making Fuels From Seawater

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

In a lab at the University of Central Florida, a scientist called Yang Yang has potentially solved the problem of practically splitting seawater into hydrogen and oxygen, so that the hydrogen can be used as a fuel. One of the benefits of hydrogen fuels is that when burned, their only emission is again, water.

However creating a suitable catalyst (at the heart of the process) has been a problem for over 10 years, but now Mr Yang has come up with a solution, as he says;

“We’ve opened a new window to splitting real water, not just purified water in a lab. This really works well in seawater.”

What Mr Yang has done is develop a new catalyst that harnesses more of the electromagnetic spectrum (that is visible light) so the process becomes more efficient and viable. This new technology (which you can learn more about here in this Futurism article) opens up another avenue in developing a carbon-free energy future.

When there is a clear goal in sight (like making sure that non-polluting fuels are practical) then one advance will spur on another and then another.

Legends know that when they set a clear goal and pursue it themselves, then they inspire others to follow and explore more avenues to achieve the same goal.

And Finally... James Bond Villain Revealed

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

If you were wondering why Elon Musk was planning on building so many big rockets...

Meanwhile, at the Japanese Grand Prix this weekend, there is an unexpected title challenger...

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