Two Key Lessons We Can Learn From Prince Harry's Mental Health Challenges

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Image by DOD News @ Flickr

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Prince Harry displays immense courage discussing his mental health challenges and shows how we can't solve our major problems alone.

Prince Harry is second in line to the British throne and regarded as one of the world's most eligble bachelors in the world. He's had a very privileged background and his network includes some of the world's most successful people. As a result, you'd be forgiven for thinking that he really does have the world at his feet and very few problems!

Recently though, he opened up in an interview with the Daily Telegraph about his very painful challenges with his own mental health and the trauma he suffered in his twenties in relation to not dealing well with his mother's death.

Princess Diana died when Prince Harry was twelve in a car accident in Paris. In a very public outpouring of grief, Prince Harry and his brother were at the centre of the tragedy during that time.

In the interview, Prince Harry showed immense courage by being vulnerable and so open about how he struggled to deal with his mother's death. He even admits to the interviewer how nervous he felt about being interviewed. He helps us to see that only by courageously confronting our challenges and facing how we feel can we start to work through and solve them.

The Prince wasn't able to do this alone however, he had the support of his brother and many others to help him face his deepest fears. So a key lesson we can learn from him is that we can't solve our problems alone and we need to have the right support around us as part of the healing process...


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