Troy Deeney Is The Next Footballer To Show Maturity And Humility In Tweet Exchange

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Following our recent article on Liverpool footballer James Milner and ex-England footballer Gary Lineker sharing a mature twitter exchange, Watford FC captain Troy Deeney has provided another example of this.

His tweet came off the back of a bad tackle on him earlier in the day by Fulham player Timothy Fosu-Mensah who apologised to him afterwards. Rather than getting angry 0ver the tackle, Mr Deeney accepted the apology in the good nature it was given and responded with some encouragement.

The mature conduct of both of these players here contains lessons that we can apply off the field. Namely, when we give a sincere apology which takes courage, we demonstrate our character as being wholesome because we take responsibility for our actions. How easy would it have been for Mr Fosu-Mensah to have run away from making an apology and try to ignore the situation?

In the same way, Troy Deeney didn't cause any unnecessary drama over this situation despite the fact the tackle could have had a significantly detrimental impact on his season and his ability to play. This takes humility and a sense of being able to put things in perspective. To read more about this story click here.

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