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Top 7 Career Breakthrough Articles of 2015...

By James Mills, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

At the end of the year it's a great time for us to reflect on where we are in our careers; whether you are coming to the end of your studies or a senior professional looking to leave a powerful legacy through the work you've done. We've delved through the Legends Report to find the articles we feel that will most help with some of the most common career challenges - starting your career, working out what to do next, getting that promotion, hiring the right people or leading your team in the most inspiring way.

If you'd like further guidance on how you can make this an exceptional year, then please get in touch with your Lighthouse introducer. The time is now and we want everyone involved with the Legends Report to make 2016 a breakthrough year! 🙂

1. Why You Will Fail to Have a Great Career 

career failure

At least 80% of career professionals are NOT doing jobs they are passionate about!! Here's a frank and hilarious speech about the true reasons why this number is so high: essential viewing for anyone who's serious about pursuing a meaningful career.

2. Xerox CEO Ursula Burns - Success Built on Mentorship!


Here's an inspiring example of the role that mentors played in Ursula Burns growing up in impoverished circumstances to become CEO of the global giant; Xerox. Valuable for anyone looking to accelerate their career progress, be mentored or indeed become a mentor.

3. Think Your Degree Will Get You a Dream Job? Maybe Not...

more london

This article shows how some leading graduate employers and legends view the recruitment of those leaving higher education: if you're a student, a recent graduate or indeed a parent of these two groups, then you need to check out these insights fast...

4. How Do You Choose Where to Go Next in Your Career? 

career direction

This article gives you some great guidance in terms of what you need to consider as well as some powerful questions to answer for yourself. Perfect, not only for any career changers out there, but also those still yet to start their careers...

5. How Elon Musk, Marissa Mayer & Jeff Bezos Run Their Meetings


This article shares the approaches to meetings taken by those at the top of their game. Whether you already lead meetings or see yourself doing so in the future, this is priceless material!

6. How Does Angela Ahrendts Recruit the Right People?

Angela Ahendts - Legends Report

In this article, we look at the way Angela Ahrendts recruited her team members in such a way that she was able to transform the culture at Burberry and is now finding the best people for Apple. If you are preparing to be interviewed or to interview in the new year, then reading this is perfect preparation...   

7. Ricardo Semler - Building a Company With (Almost) No Rules

by Josef Grunig @ Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

Here's an incredible TED Talk by Ricardo Semler - who broke pretty much every unspoken rule to give himself and his employees more freedom. Ricardo is a true pioneer of life and business whose practices are being copied by companies like Virgin and LinkedIn - more than 20 years after he implemented them! An absolute must-watch for anyone who wants to see more inspiring workplaces...

We hope you've enjoyed the selection, but if there's any you didn't see, you can still catch up with the full career archive here. You can also find them by selecting 'Career' from the drop-down 'Archive' menu of the home page.

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