Top 5 Business Articles of 2016

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By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

"A businesss that makes nothing but money is a poor business."

- Henry Ford

2016 has revealed the simmering discontent that the public has had with the economy and the role of business in general. Most notably through the Brexit vote in the UK and the election of Donald Trump as the next US President. Both events went massively against their predicted outcomes that had been assumed at the start of their year.

At the heart of these events was the disillusionment that voters felt with the political system and how that affected business. The masses in these countries saw business as a vehicle for furthering the interests of a few selected elite members of a global club that they were not part of. They saw businesses as being run for the benefit of fat cat shareholders at their expense, particularly through globalisation where jobs were being lost to countries with lower production costs.

Yet business, when used as a vehicle for helping all stakeholders, continues to be a highly effective way of increasing living standards for everyone. It can drive new technologies that can help everyone lead more effective lives and it is a vital way of creating meaningful change in society when profits are aligned with a mission to help society and the environment. It can create new opportunities for many when business leaders look at the bigger picture and have a responsible longer-term vision. It can also give us more meaning and purpose and help us to grow as people, whether that is through enjoying the difference we can make through our work in an employment role, or setting up our own businesses with a specific intention in mind.

Here are our top business articles of 2016 that highlight the diverse role that business can play in improving our lives.

Top Five Business Articles of The Year...

We look at why Elon Musk, one of the world's most innovative entrepreneurs, dreams big and what we can learn from him. Mr Musk is having an enormous impact on the world through pioneering renewable energy in a number of his businesses as well as looking at how humans can travel to other planets!

Billionaire Todd Wagner discusses why he devotes a lot of his life to helping charities with the expertise he has accumulated during his business career, rather than just writing them blank cheques and then playing golf. He wants to help them become a lot more effective so they can achieve more with less wastage.

We look at the importance of relationships in business and how this can help us achieve our personal mission through the example of Arianna Huffington joining the board of Uber...

In this article, we learn why more and more CEO's are seeking advice outside their organisation to help them improve their performance and find more meaning.

Find out why some of the most successful people in the world pay one of the world's top coaches, Tony Robbins over $1 million a year.

Bonus Article... Why Your Bank Balance Doesn't Equal Success!

Legendary investor and one of the world's richest men, Warren Buffett, shares how ultimately all the business success in the world doesn't amount to anything if you don't have good relationships...

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