Tony Bennett - The Golden Advice He Received From Frank Sinatra

Find Yourself a Good Mentor

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By Kris Deichler, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

There are golden pieces of advice you can get in life which stand out more than any others. So much so, they become career or even life defining for us. Why is that? Why is it that certain pieces of advice make such a radical impact on us?

The reason is they change our perspective. They give us a brand new point of view we didn't have before that helps us realise things we just weren't aware of before. They reveal our blindspots and help us change the way we behave and approach situations for the better, from a new and more positive perspective. It's why the people who become legends in their field are usually those who seek out mentors and people who can give them insights they might not otherwise have had until it was too late.

Imagine getting one of those golden nuggets of advice from your all-time career legend and person you aspire to be... That's exactly what happened to now legendary singer Tony Bennet early in his career when he met the late great Frank Sinatra...

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