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TITANS OF HISTORY: 6 Key Lessons From The Legends Who Built America  

A Dose of Wisdom To Help Make Things Easier...

By Kris Deichler, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Thomas Eddison, Andrew Carnegie, J.P. Morgan, John D. Rockefeller. All names that have gone down in history as having built America and who are still world renowned today. So what is it that made them so successful and what can we learn from them to help us build our own lives? This insightful clip from the History Channel explains the key traits that we could all develop to rise to the top...

Top Ex-GE CEO Jack Welch puts it brilliantly in this video summary of the great legends who helped to build America. He essentially says that being able to see what's coming around the corner - whether what's coming towards us is a 'train or a light', is what makes the difference between a good leader and a careful manager. So which one are you? Here are some key points from the video that stand out..

  1. Be Solutions focused - Don't get stuck looking at all the problems and reasons it can't be done. Looking for the solutions and possibilities for solving the problem.
  2. See the bigger picture - Just like Jack Welch is saying, keep your eye on the horizon and try to be as in touch with where things are headed so you can make sure you're leading the way, not reacting as things hit you.
  3. Add value - Or put another way, make things better and improve people's lives and businesses. When you can provide something that's valuable to people, they will line up to get it.
  4. Have the courage to take risks and pursue possibilities - One of the hardest things to do is sailing out from the safe harbour, but boats are built for the ocean. Believe in your intuition and learn from your mistakes.
  5. Be patient and persistent - Looking back in time, it can seem as though people's great successes were achieved overnight, whereas the truth for many it took years, even decades to achieve what they did.
  6. Execute! - It's good to have a dream or a big idea, but if you do nothing about it, what's the point? There is so much information available on how to succeed, but are you able to apply it?

"Vision without execution is hallucination" - Thomas Eddison  

If you'd like help to apply these lessons and much more, get in touch here to learn how Life and Business Mentorship Coaching, as well as Strategic Networking support could help you...

Following through and having the consistency to achieve our goals isn't easy, but something we can all learn. Click here to learn how musician Lenny Kravitz did it...


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