This IKEA Video Will Change the Way You See Christmas

By Asif Valiji, Associate Mentor, Lighthouse International

As Christmas quickly approaches, many of us can fall into festive habits of buying, eating and drinking. We can often enter a mad rush to buy the latest and greatest gifts for our kids and loved ones but…

One of the most rewarding things we can do at this time is challenge our perceptions and ask ourselves… “What would my kids or loved ones really want deep down?”

How often do we really stop to question whether what we are really doing is the most loving thing in buying gifts? Have you ever found that receiving a call from a friend who “just wanted to say thank you" or even making time to play games with a young child put a bigger smile on your face than opening presents?

Well in this video Ikea challenges our perceptions and dramatically shifts our paradigms of how we actually care for not just our children, but anyone in our lives...

Do you agree or disagree with the's true that money cannot buy happiness..

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