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These 50 Mums & 50 Kids Will Make You Cry!  

By Joanna Starkey, Legends Report Contributor

Car time for mothers usually consists of a constant plugging in of seatbelts, nursery rhymes, tears and sweet silence once the little ones decide to sleep. For these fifty mums, however, they took to their cars on a super-mum mission with the help of their four-year-olds. The video is part of a campaign to raise awareness for Downs Syndrome in a timely manner with Downs Syndrome awareness day on 21st March 2018.

The video mimic’s the style of James Corden’s famous Carpool Karaoke show. In this version the lyrics are signed by the mums and their children using Makaton, a specially designed sign language for people with speech difficulties. The video had one aim, which was to raise awareness and looks like it has done just that! The video has gone viral since its release date on 16th March landing them a spot on ITV’s This Morning show and has surpassed a million views! To read more on this heart-warming story click here...

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