The One Key Ingredient of Success Above All Else

Follow through

by James Mills, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

"Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work."

- Stephen King  (Author)

People will often ask, “What is the secret to success?” Every year across the globe we invest billions of pounds into personal development books and biographies in order to learn what it takes to be highly successful. Yet there are only a tiny percentage of people who can genuinely say they are actively pursuing their dreams (less than 1% in fact). So with all the information and knowledge available at our fingertips, why does this happen?

APPLYING What You Learn is the Key to Success!

Quite simply the difference between a legend and someone who struggles to achieve what they want is their ability to follow through! Legends are people who take action consistently in their area of expertise, no matter how hard it gets. This is something that can’t be developed simply by reading a book or an article, we need to exercise our discipline and ability to follow through in the way we live our lives.

Success in any field means going against the inertia of laziness and distraction that can unknowingly consume our lives.

When we are able to follow through and develop the discipline to do whatever it takes to achieve legendary success, we have the potential to achieve greatly just like the legends below...

Jack Nicklaus is meticulous in his planning and preparation for each round of golf

Marilyn Monroe worked incredibly hard to overcome her stammer and become a global icon

Jerry Rice had the most rigorous training regime of any American Footballer

Philippe Starck immerses himself in his design work to be an internationally recognised designer

Oprah Winfrey consistently nurtured her self-belief to ensure her past did not equal her future

Steve Jobs instilled a culture of discipline to revitalise a struggling Apple

Ed Sheeran cites work ethic as the reason for his success as a musician

It doesn’t matter what industry they're in, following through and applying what they learn is what all true legends do - bar none, even if that is only in one area of their lives. This may sound absurdly obvious but as the saying goes "common sense is not common practice." Call it training, call it sheer determination and hard work, call it practice, there is no substitute for hard work based on sound principles and habits.

The examples of Kurt Cobain, Paul Gascoigne and others show us what happens when a legend loses this discipline and lets success go to their head. The consequences can be devastating and sometimes even fatal.

Our Dreams Can’t Come True Without Follow-Through...

We can read and digest all the information we want in the Legends Report or anywhere else, but without the application of what we learn, the most incredible advice simply remains words on a page! The ability to follow through and apply what we learn requires enourmous effort but it enables us to take any life-enhancing advice and bring it to life through our daily habits.

Our dreams will remain just dreams if we don’t work to break through our barriers and practice the fundamentals as legends do. It's through our self-discipline; our motivation to do the right things for the right reasons, that consistent follow through is possible. Our self-discipline is the one quality we all need so that we can follow-through in line with our success and happiness.

This is extremely hard to do by yourself and what's fundamental to following-through is having the right people around us, that's why we have not only the Legends Report but the Legends Network.

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