The Key To a Better Relationship With Your Child

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By Daniel Schmitz, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

In the following video, Dr. Shefali, psychologist and author of “The Conscious Parent” and “The Awakened Family”, talks about why it is so important for us as parents to become more conscious and take the relationships with our children seriously.

She says that we, as parents, need to help our children stay in touch with themselves so they don’t get disconnected from other people as well as the world around them.

Dr. Shefali says the way to do that is to look at our parent-child relationship and if necessary to restructure and amend this relationship in order to meet our children's needs.

Here are two points from the video to remember...

See Our Children For Who They Really Are

“We bully others because we’ve lost who we are. We become anorexic because who we are is not good enough. The problem begins from not being seen for who it is we are. This is the basic principle of conscious parenting to see your children for who it is they are and you can only do that when you begin to see yourself for who it is you are.”

We Can Only Change The Relationship With Our Children If We Look At Ourselves First

“The more conscious we parents are, we can do that deep connection to who our children are, so our children never have to lose who it is they are.”

For more on this check out this article on how author Dr. Steven Covey strengthened his relationship with his daughter through watching Star Wars!

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