The Heartbreaking Video of How 6 Years of War Has Damaged Syria's Children

A Sobering Dose of Reality...

By Jairaj Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

How on earth do you continue to have hope when, as a child, you have seen people beheaded and stoned and have no idea where you father is?

This is 11-year-old Zainab telling her heartbreaking story. It's hard to watch, but sometimes we need to see the things in life that are uncomfortable...they can often move us to act.

How Can We Solve This?

Many of you may be asking this question. We can often feel powerless to change things by ourselves, and while this is true, through coming together with others we are far more powerful than we think.

To that end, we are currently putting together national and global projects to make whatever difference we can to the most vulnerable men, women and children in our world. We are supporting good-hearted individuals to bring together their own community networks of individuals and organisations with similar aspirations to reduce and alleviate some of the suffering people are going through right now.

If you would like to learn more about how we are doing this, then please email us here for more information.

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