The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Career Changers - How Do You Truly Make That Meaningful Career Change?

By Gillian Watson, Associate Partner & Legends Report Writer

If you feel your career is not on the track it should be or that you could be spending your time working on something more meaningful, then join us over this 7-part career series to help you discover the principles behind creating a highly effective career.

Do You Want More From Your Career? 

Have you ever thought you were in the wrong job or wished you could find your dream career?

Have you ever felt that your current company is not aligned with your personal values? Or that you feel there should be more fulfilling ways to earn an income? That there isn't enough colour and richness in your job?

Surely there is more to working in that uninspiring job for the next 10 years right?

It’s easy to pose these questions, but it’s not as easy to find the answers. We know, we’ve been there ourselves. It takes hard work, dedication and the right support. It’s not a quick-fix, but it is possible.

In this 7-part career series, we will help you begin to put those questions into practice  - by showing you the 7 key principles and habits that any person follows to build an effective career. These timeless, fundamental habits and principles are based on Stephen Covey's '7 Habits of Highly Effective People' which is a must-read for anyone who wants to improve their lives.

Over the series, we’ll show you examples of successful people who have used these principles and habits to help guide them and give you an opportunity to get support to make the change you want to. It can be daunting, it can be uncertain but with the right preparation, anything is possible...

“The time to build your future is in your teenage years and your 20s, but equally, in your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond.”

― Lukasz Laniecki, Author: "You Have The Right Not To Make Your Parents Proud".

Change might have brought about anxiety in the past, but with a consistent, well-thought-out approach, you can start creating a life where change is more about opportunity than fear. We want to help shift that time and energy that goes into worrying and offer you helpful steps in creating a more principled approach to your life and specifically when it comes to your career. In this series, we will be talking about how to Discover, Plan & Execute on your potential.

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Habit 1 - Being Proactive!

Even reading this first part has already started your journey - So well done!

Just by reading and taking action on this article, you are already enacting the first habit of highly-effective career-changers: Being Proactive!

So many people wait around for things to happen or blame outside circumstances or situations for why they can't change. Being proactive means you don't blame any outside situations that are holding you back and work in your "circle of influence" you take steps slowly but surely towards your goal with the right support. By facing obstacles in your way you work out how to overcome them. As Stephen Covey says:

"Being proactive is more than taking initiative. It is recognising we are responsible for our own choices and have the freedom to choose based on principles and values rather than moods or conditions. Proactive people are agents of change and choose not to be victims, to be reactive or to blame others." 

Taking responsibility for your own career, your own growth and future potential is always the first step and we look forward to going on this journey with you and inspiring you towards a wonderful future.

How To Take Action

While you wait for the next instalment of our series, we want you to dream. Yes, Dream!

    Think about this question and write it down below! If you could wave a magic wand and put yourself in any career you wanted, what would it be? Remember you have NO Limitations! Share it with us below privately and fill in your contact details below for support.

    What do you feel are the biggest obstacles in your way from getting the dream career you want?

    I want to but I'm not sure where to startI'm not sure what I really want to do next I just know I need a change.I can't leave my current roleI'm uncertain about my finances if I do.I have a lack of skillsI have a lack of experienceI lack the right contacts and connectionsOther

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