The Miracle of Clean Water

By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

When Shawn Ahmed, (a student from Canada who left university to make a difference) visited Bangladesh and saw the desperate need of the people there, he was compelled to take action and help a local community. He asked friends and family through the YouTube community to vote on what they thought was the most important project to spend the money that they had themselves donated.

After the votes were cast and through partnering with Save the Children USA, he was able to install a fully functional sand filter to supply this community with fresh water from a single dirty pond. This video beautifully describes his work and the end result of the YouTube community effort.

Never Doubt a Small Group Can Make a Difference...

A small group of people were inspired by Shawn to get together and make a difference to others who were in great need of help. One of the most striking things for me about this video, is the comments made by the villagers who see the clean drinking water consumed by us in developed countries. They describe clean water as ‘beautiful’ and they are not angry or bitter, but amazed of its clarity.

When was the last time you appreciated the clean drinking water that runs from your tap?

To lean more about Shawn and the Uncultured Project, this is their website www.uncultured.com

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