The Aid Worker Who Rescued a Child From The Brink of Death

By James Mills, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Through commitment and care we can transform suffering into hope and opportunity.

Last year the Danish aid worker Anja Ringgren Lovén had a photo of her giving water to a child in Nigeria go viral. The 2-year-old boy was branded a witch child by the local community; infested with worms and surviving only on scavaged food scraps. In the space of a year there has been an incredible transformation...

This video shows the desperate situation that Anja Ringgren Lovén found in a boy who is now called Hope.

The sharing of this story led to Ms Lovén attracting $1million in donations in the space of days, but it has been the consistent nurture and care that has been most influential in Hope's recovery from being a child left for dead to one leading a happy and healthy life. Recently Ms Lovén posted a photo to recreate the photo showing the incredible transformation that Hope has gone through in the last year with him now starting school!

The Reality of Suffering & The Power of Care 

This story is an uncomfortable one because it reveals the incredible suffering that is happening in a world that we may not see right in front of us each day. Just because we don't see it in our own lives, it doesn't mean it isn't there! At the same time, the story shows what is possible when caring people are invested in coming together to do what they can to alleviate suffering.

Hope's transformation provides an insight into what would be possible if even more caring people were involved in seeking out those most in need and bringing together the resources required. There are millions suffering in similar ways to Hope who are not as fortunate to be rescued. In order to make a positive impact in the world to the most vulnerable, we need the people and the resources to come together in an intelligent and sustainable way. We don't only need to address emergency situations, but also need to provide the ongoing support required and even finding ways to prevent these life-critical situations happening wherever possible.

There's more about the early stages of Hope's transformation in this Daily Mail article.

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