The 4 Ways Legends Cope With the Stress of Success 

By James Mills, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

We will often see people who are achieving amazing things in the world and wonder how they can do so much. The demands of performing at the highest level in sport, entertainment, business, philanthropy or any endeavour can be unforgiving - stretching people's physical, mental and emotional health. The knock-on effects of this for legends' relationships and overall self-confidence can be far deeper than the public eye may let us see until it is too late. We've seen the headlines of stars being admitted to rehab clinics, completely losing their cool in public, overdosing and even committing suicide. So given the drastic pitfalls associated with a life of high-achievement, what do legends do that enables them to cope with the pressures of success?

People Can’t Care About the World Without Caring for Themselves