Sundar Pichai - How Google's CEO Is Not a Morning Person!

By Jatinder Singh, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

When we hear of the likes of Apple's CEO Tim Cook waking up at 3:45am or Pepsi's CEO Indira Nooyi waking up at 4am to be in the office at 7am,  we may start to think that in order to make it to the "top" that we have to follow suit. Or perhaps we need to be seen as more powerful or "alpha." So it's refreshing to see Google's CEO Sundar Pichai buck the trend. 🙂

In this short interview, he discusses why he doesn't mind being seen as a "nice guy" and how each morning he needs tea, an omelette and a read of his newspaper to get him going for the day! He also reveals how he leaves the exercise till later...

Enjoy the video!

Wait! There's More...

Here's a great article on the morning routines of 10 successful entrepreneurs...

For any questions or support about how to create the right morning routine or developing your own self discipline Email me here...


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