Success Doesn't Care Who You Are...

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by Sukh Singh, Associate Partner, Lighthouse International

Do you have a limiting belief, a lack of resources, something or someone in the way of you succeeding? Well, everyone does!

The truth is... success doesn't care who you are! It doesn’t care where you come from, what challenges you've faced, what your beliefs are, whether you're a man or a woman, the colour of your skin or who's in your way. Success does care however about how focused you are, about how dedicated you are. It cares about how passionate you are, how willing you are to change and practice the fundamentals of success. Through all their successes and failures, every legend has shown us that regardless of their background, there are core habits and fundamentals that we can all apply to help us succeed.

This is REALLY exciting news! You name it - whatever challenge you've faced, are facing or will face, there's a legend who's been there and overcome it with the proof to show. See if any of these challenges relate to your situation...

Struggled with Dyslexia? So does Richard Branson.

Have low self-confidence? Mariah Carey does too.

People don't take you or your dream seriously? Jessica Alba can relate to that.

Suffered from depression? Olympic gold-medal winner Kelly Holmes did too.

Worry about money? So does Will Smith, one of the highest paid actors around.

Battled with an eating disorder? Nicole Scherzinger knows that well.

Struggled with a stutter? So did Emily Blunt and Marilyn Monroe.

Work as a woman in a male dominated world? Beatrice Shilling broke the mould for female engineers.

People say you lack talent? American Football Legend Jerry Rice has a story for you. 

Failed miserably in your career? The Founder of Honda has a tale to tell.

Legends come from all sorts of backgrounds and experiences, they have the same challenges we all have. You name it, it's there and if it isn't on the list above, I can assure you... your challenges are not unique! There's nothing that you're facing that can ever get in the way of you succeeding in life, provided you're willing to practice the fundamental habits that develop the self-discipline you need in life.

So How Do Legends Do it?

While the story of each legend is unique, somewhere along the line they all realised or were shown that they needed to change. They needed to change their attitudes, get focused on their dreams. They needed to practice and hone their skills until they became a legend in their field.

They also got the right people around them to help them succeed; a mentor, a trainer, a parent or a coach. Any legend will tell you it’s hard to be disciplined on your own! The combination of making those deep, personal changes, along with reliable and supportive people results in one highly successful legend in their area. You'll also see that wherever those legends failed - it's because they did not practice the very fundamental habits that helped them succeed.

The Legends Report isn’t just about what you read or watch here, it’s about you learning those same fundamentals and learning how to apply them time and time again to your life, career or business with the right support!

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    How do you feel about the fact that success doesn't depend on your background but on consistent application of sound principles and habits that anyone can learn?

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