Stephen Hawking - Time For a Second Space Age

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By Tom Hasker, Associate Partner & Mentorship Coach, Lighthouse International

Stephen Hawking was speaking last week at the Starmus Festival and shared his thoughts about the future of life on earth and mankind's need to explore space travel with a 'boldly go' attitude.

He explains that:

"I believe we have reached the point of no return."

and we need to:

"...pursue rigorously a space-exploration programme, [with] a view to eventually colonizing suitable planets for human habitation."

Along with the astronaut Buzz Aldrin, who was the second man to walk on the moon, they agree that efforts towards space colonization need to step up, with a return to the moon, a permanent lunar base and other steps to make a martian home a reality. These steps, in turn, will secure the future of human beings, as we have, in Professor Hawking's opinion, already caused "irreparable damage to the earth".

You can learn more about Professor Hawking's and Mr Aldrin's predictions here and let me know what you think. Are these legends of spaceflight and cosmology accurate in their opinions or is deep space exploration only a part of the answer?

Do you think that looking to the stars and pursuing exploration in space will help the human race?


If you answered Yes, how do you see it helping? If you answered No, what do you think is more important?

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Here is some more from Professor Hawking on What Makes Us Wealthy?

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